Quarterly Assessments:

Student:           Assessment 1st Qtr:       
Assessment 2nd Qtr:     
Teacher:             Assessment 3rd Qtr:     
Assessment 4th Qtr:     
Language Skills
X = correctly identifies letter name*  = correctly identifies letter name and sound 
Assessed 1st Quarter 
Assessed 2nd Quarter 
High Frequency WordsRhyming Words
Assessed all yearAssessed all year
 X = correctly identifies word Rhymes Y or N 
a go have look me   in, out fish, dish 
my we do are one   bat, mat red, yellow
the on what here little  Produce rhyme Y or N 
I to no come   cat hot met
like you see for   ten pin top
Initial SoundsPhoneme & Syllable Segmentation
Assessed all yearAssessed all year
Beginning sound match:  Y or NSegmented Sounds:  Y or N 
 on, off pig, hit   dog (/d/ /o/ /g/) race (/r/ /a/ /s/) 
 rose, rake ten, toe   keep (/k/ /ee/ /p/) that (/th/ /a/ /t/) 
Produce sound match Y or N Segmented Sounds:  Y or N 
 apple red tall   baseball (2) park (1) 
 bear dog snail  quickly (2) Saturday (3) 
Math SkillsShapes / Colors
Assessed all yearAssessed 1st Qtr.
    circle red 
Highest number counted to WITHOUT error:   square blue 
       = correctly identifies numeral     triangle yellow
    oval green 
051015192224   rectangle purple
251611162023   rhombus orange
292627121721   black 
53027381318   white 
10931284914   brown
Money Identification & Value
Assessed during 3rd Quarter
 penny                                       nickel                                dime                             quarter 
  Name Name Name Name 
  Value Value Value Value 
Time to the Hour
Assessed 3rd Quarter
Analog ClockDigital Clock Analog ClockDigital Clock 
  .   .  
  .   .  
 Tell me the correct time: Set each clock to 9 o'clock: 
 _____Y or N  _____Y or N  _____Y or N  _____Y or N  
Assessed 4th Quarter
  3 + 5 =    10 - 7 =    
  9 + 2 =    5 - 1 =    
  7 + 0 =    4 - 4 =    
____/____ correct____/____ correct

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