Math Tips:

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Recognizing numbers

Writing numbers

Counting numbers

Number line

Count to 20

Count to 50

Count to 100

Count by 2’s

Count by 5’s

Count by 10’s

Even numbers

Odd numbers


left-right, top-bottom, more than-fewer than, most-least, on-below, over-under, inside-outside, near-far, big-small, huge-tiny...


sort by... color, size, shape, texture, function, etc.

Use Chex Mix, Skittles, Lucky Charms, Legos, toy cars, etc.


-Types of graphs... pie charts, picture graphs, bar graphs, line graphs, etc. (make both vertical and horizontal models)

-Use paper and crayons, Legos, personal pizzas, etc.

-Graph the following... weather, temperatures, sport team's standings, days with stars, time playing outside v. time watching Tv, favorite colors-foods-activities-toys-etc.


Recognizing patterns

Extending patterns

Creating patterns


Naming shapes

Recognizing shapes in our world

Drawing shapes

Naming solid figures

Recognizing solid figures in our world

can they roll,stack, slide?

what would they look like if you rotated them?  if you spun them?


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