Social Studies Tips:

Social Studies -culture, languages, holidays, news, geography, government, Presidents, states, wars, sports -continents, countries, flags, explorers, national parks -lots of fun games to play/learn

Read books and discuss each holiday throughout the year

Take the time to investigate questions that your child has about...

...responsible behaviors and road signs

...groups around the world

...our flag (meaning and changes)

...U.S. symbols (flag, Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, an eagle, money, The White House)

...our leaders (school, community, country)


...kinds of jobs people have and earning money resources/crops

...models and maps and water life vs. farm life

...time (how things change)

...history (Egyptian, Greek, Colonial, your family)

...timelines (events, holidays, wars)


Look it up - in a book or online

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