Objectives of Kindergarten:


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q     Participate in a wide variety of movement skills

q     Identify/locate basic parts of the body and the 5 senses

q     Describe healthy eating and well-being behaviors

q     Identify basic emotions and needs vs. wants

q     Discuss people and places in their lives

q     Compare and contrast various items/ideas

q     Use reading materials correctly

q     Identify parts of a book

q     Blend syllables of words

q     Recognize that all words have meaning

q     Identify elements of a story

q     Sequence events

q     Know and write CAPITAL and lowercase letters of the alphabet

q     Identify beginning sight words – to include numbers and colors

q     Put spaces between words

q     Draw pictures to convey meaning

q     Write name (first and last) on various works

q     Participate in various group discussions

q     Retell events and share stories

q     Count and write 0-31

q     Add and subtract 0-10 using various items

q     Identify the symbols +, -, and =

q     Recognize U.S. currency

q     Identify various flat and solid shapes and the number of sides

q     Continue and create various forms of patterns

q     Identify and sequence the days of the week and the months of the year

q     Separate various objects by specific characteristic

q     Describe how simple tools work

q     Identify what animals need to survive

q     Identify various characteristics of weather

q     Identify various community elements

q     Identify the first and current President of the United States

q     Discuss various historical figures

q     Recognize national holidays and symbols

q     Use basic technology skills

q     Participate in individual and group activities

q     Demonstrate characteristics of positive behavior

q     The ability to share and take turns

q     HAVE FUN!

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