Star Student!

As Star Student, your child will get several privledges!

A seat at the picnic table (with a different friend each day)

Drawings, a questionnaire, and photographs will be posted in the classroom

A visit from a family member (to read a story, lead an activity, bring in a pet, etc.)

   ***   Star Student is DIFFERENT from Student of the Week   ***   

Please help him/her fill out the papers.

Allow them to draw pictures and then you can add a caption so that we can tell the class what the pictures are!

Also, please send in a few pictures (3-4) of your child that will be displayed on our Star Student wall. The photos will be returned.


Star Student Questions:

 My name is ______________________________.
I am ___________ years old.
I like to eat_______________________________.
My favorite color is_______________________.
I like to watch____________________________.
In school I like____________________________.

My favorite book is_______________________.
My favorite sport is ______________________.
I want a job as____________________________.

I have a pet______________________________.


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Thank you!