Snack Options:

Healthy Snack Options 

Finding a healthy snack for kids may seem like finding a needle in a sugarcoated haystack, but experts say a few simple tricks can be an opportunity to supplement children’s between meal snacks without spoiling meal time. Most snack food marketed for kids tend to be loaded with fat and sugar.   

Here is a list of some healthier options: 

Cookies (reduced fat)


Cheez-it's (reduced fat)

Nabisco Barnum’s animal crackers

Nabisco Teddy grahams (chocolate, cinnamon, honey)

Keebler Elfin crackers

Fish crackers

Cheese and crackers


Chex-Mix - traditional

Tortilla chips

Air popped Popcorn

Pita chips

Pretzels (low salt)

Baked Chips


Famous Amos Gingersnap Iced (low fat)

Granola Bars

Pop tarts (unfrosted)

Cereal bars

Oatmeal Breakfast Squares   

Fresh fruit and veggies

Sliced Apples (a little lemon juice will prevent browning)

Orange slices


Veggies with low fat ranch

Raisins or dried fruit

Frozen Fruit Bars


Flavored milks

100% juice


Flavored Water

Nuts/seeds or Jerky

Pumpkin seeds

Sunflower seeds

Smoked almonds

Peanuts (be careful of allergies)

Beef Jerky 97% fat free

Turkey Jerky 


Yogurt (low fat)

Ice cream (low fat)

String cheese

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