Parent Volunteers:

Please come and join us!!!


I feel that it is important to build a strong routine at the beginning of the school year.  This process is made simpler with the absence of classroom helpers and parent volunteers.  Your children need to develop various school-related skills before engaging with you and other parents like you.


As soon as the class is ready, "by demonstrating the expected respect and responsibility," I will inform everyone that classroom volunteers are welcome.


Parents and various family members are welcome to participate in a range of ways.

1-Donating Supplies

2-In Classroom Volunteering

3-In School Volunteering

4-At Home Volunteering


** Parents, please join the PTO **  -Your voice matters!!!


1 - Donating Supplies:

            Treasure Box Prizes

            Snacks or Juice

            Plates or Cups

            Durable Sandbox Toys

                        See the next tab for complete list!


2 - In Classroom Volunteering:

Working with small groups:

Reinforcing learned skills




Star Student – when your child is featured

Playing various games

Reading stories

Outdoor activities

School-wide gallery walks

School assemblies

Classroom Events:

     Creative and/or messy art projects!

     Holiday Celebrations

     Unit Ending Activities

     Read Across America Day

     Fun Day

     Water Day

     Career Day

     Kindergarten Celebration


3 - In School Volunteering:

Classroom Bulletin Board Coordinator

Classroom Scholastic Book Club Coordinator

Classroom "Book-in-a-Bag" Coordinator

Kindergarten Celebration Committee

School Book Fair Aide

Making Classroom Copies


4 - At Home Volunteering:




And various other project prep. Work



 ** Parents, please join the PTO **  -Your voice matters!!!


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Thank you!