About Mr. Santor:

I was born and raised in a small town here in Arizona.  In some ways the City of Sierra Vista is much like “Queen Creek.”  Both places have a welcoming, happy feel.  They are quiet, and have a great view of the stars!  In other ways the two cities are very different.  Sierra Vista is not like here where the big city lights and attractions are close by. Sierra Vista is basically an isolated community with an hour-long drive to get to Tucson.  When I was a boy, Sierra Vista didn’t even have a mall, a Wal-Mart, or large shopping centers.  My friends and I played outside a lot, riding bikes and playing baseball.  I moved away from my home town and accepted a kindergarten teaching position with J.O. Combs over the summer of 2008.  I love the small town feel and the closeness to big city fun. 

I have many pets at home.  My two adorable Boxers just turned 2 this July.  Their names are Morphius and Maggie; a brother and sister team that are quite spoiled, since I treat them as if they were my children!  I also have a 50-gallon fishtank which holds a variety of community fish.  Bala Sharks, Clown Loaches, and Gouramies are a few of the species in the tank.

I love to paint!  I paint mostly abstract and geometric pieces and have several works on display throughout my home.  Many of my closest friends have asked me to paint something for their homes.  I try to paint year-around, but complete the majority of my pieces during the summer months!

I didn’t always know that teaching was my dream.  When I was a boy I wanted to drive a garbage truck! Yuck, smelly!!!  As I got older I became interested in architecture and design but that didn’t last either.  I was sure I found my niche when I decided to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a police officer.  I finished college with a degree in criminal justice but then something told me I wasn’t meant for a career in law enforcement.

I was pleasantly surprised after a weekend of reflection when I realized that at every job I had ever held I loved training and instructing others.  I was always playing with my niece and nephew and enjoyed helping them with their schoolwork. Then I decided to visit my favorite teacher as I was growing up, Mrs. Watson - 3rd grade.  After spending a day in her classroom I began looking into the educational requirements and other related information for teachers in Arizona.  I began the elementary school teaching program at the University of Arizona wishing to become a third grade teacher, just like Mrs. Watson.  But, as you already know, I am not teaching third grade.  After observing in first grade and kindergarten classrooms, the utterly adorable, curious and energetic little faces of kindergarteners had me hooked!

If there are concerns with this site, please email Mr. Santor at dsantor@jocombs.k12.az.us

Thank you!