Mrs. Sa'o Social Studies Class Grade 5

Welcome Grade 5 students and parents,

       It is with great excitement and pleasure to welcome and invite you to join me in a new school year of educational fun, wonder and curiosity as we explore and journey through US History.  You will be activily engaged in numerous activities that will involve reading, problem solving as well as critical thinking.  You'll investigate the past and make connections to the present and discover its significance to history and society.  Please get aquainted with this website for it will our main means for keeping informed of class assignments, homework, scheduled quizzes & tests as well as projects.  You will find study guides posted, project descriptions and rubrics for grading as well as additional website links to help with sudying.  This website will be update regulary so check in often.  

  • Grade 5 syllabus
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  • National History Day (History Research)
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