Everything that you need to know about the Invisalign process

Do you have malaligned teeth? Do you coy away from smiling due to the misalignment of the teeth? We live in a world where appearance matters a lot. Nowadays, people are becoming more beauty conscious, and when they have misaligned teeth or dental issues, they search for an emergency dentist near me to get the problem treated. You need to give the Invisalign process then a try.  Invisalign dentists state that it is a revolutionary way of straightening the teeth. The process is easy and cost-effective. It is known for giving a stellar smile and helps in boosting confidence.

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The best way to find out more about the pricing of the process is to visit the dentist's office near me. The method of Invisalign does not just straighten the teeth, but it also has a positive impact on self-esteem. Houston Dentist state that the process boosts confidence and helps in accentuating the facial features. So if your planning to opt for the process, then this post is meant for you. Here is a complete guide about the Invisalign process.

How Invisalign works?

As per Invisalign dentist near me, the process works to move the teeth into the desire positions using clear aligners. The aligners snug and gently put pressure at the right places to slowly yield the desired result. The aligners can be put almost all day and night except for the time when you are drinking or eating anything other than water. The aligners need to be worn until the time the teeth have moved in the designated space. 

Typically the aligners are worn for two weeks before being replaced with new aligners. The new aligners help tighten the braces to put more pressure, which is required to place the teeth in the right direction. The process of getting the teeth in place is the right place is one year, which is typically equal to the time required by traditional braces. Invisalign braces have the upper hand over conventional braces as it produces les discomfort.

How does the process of Invisalign works?

According to dentists Invisalign Houston, the process begins with visiting the dental clinics. The dentist then inspects the dental need and make a plan for the Invisalign. The dentist than gives you a schedule off appointment for the process. They use 3D technology imaging instead of putting impressions to monitor the teeth during the treatment process. The 3D images create each aligner as per the exact specifications needed to move the teeth at the right place. Some dentists also use of tooth-colored enamel attachments glued to the teeth to assist the aligner in moving the teeth. The braces are fixed in front of the teeth.

How much time do the aligners last?

Usually, the aligners last for one to two weeks. You need to visit the dentist in one to two weeks to get the new aligner. You need to visit the dentist's office every six to eight weeks to get the teeth and mouth 3D assessed and to get the nest set of aligners.

So this is everything that you need to know, Invisalign. For more information on Invisalign visit Sapphiresmilesdentistry.com

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