Full Arch Dental Implants: What is the Complete Process?

The method for Full Arch Dental Implants differs based on the patient conditions however, the basic principles remain the same.


The whole process of Full Arch Implants may be divided into the following phases such as:


  • Treatment Planning
  • Implant placement
  • Implant Restoration


Treatment Planning:


According to Sapphire Dental Houston, it is the most important part of the whole process of dental implants. Dentists are always careful about planning the whole process of dental implants.


  • Emergency Dentist Near Me prepare study models of the upper as well as lower teeth and see the space available and the way the upper and lower teeth contact each other.


  • The next step is X-rays: 


This may be the small dental X-rays if there is a single missing tooth or a full mouth X-ray called OPG. Nowadays CT scan of the jaw is preferred as it helps to prepare a digital plan for the further process.


  • Wax up: 


This step involves the preparation of mock dentures of the missing teeth. This helps dentists as well as the patient to better understand the final result.


Once this is done, dentists at Sapphire Smiles Dental become sure regarding the number of implants, type, and size of implants, type of restorations and so many other things and they are able to offer an estimation of the time and money included in the whole process. 


Though this sounds like a lengthy process, actually it is not. In most cases, planning is completed in one session.



Implant Placement:


Most implant placements are done under local anesthesia and are completed very fast. Dentists opt for local anesthesia plus sedation in cases where additional procedures of bone grafting are required or where many implants have to be placed.


In rare cases, where the procedure is complex and lengthy general anesthesia is preferred.


Most cases of dental implants are 2-stage procedures. In 2-stage procedures, first, the implants are placed under the gums, and the gums are left to heal over the implants. It takes a period ranging from 1 to 6 months. In the second stage, dentists at Dentist Office Near Me take the impressions, and prepare the restorations and fit the restorations to the implants.


In selected cases, a 1-stage procedure is done. In a 1-stage procedure, the dentist places the implant and places a temporary tooth over the implant at the same time.


Then sometimes dentists do immediate extraction implants where they remove a bad tooth carefully and place an implant in the extraction socket at the same time.


Implant Restoration:


This is the stage where the final restoration is provided to the patient.


  • In 1-stage implants, the temporary is removed and impressions are taken and temporary is fitted back again.


  • In the 2-stage implants, the laser is used to reveal just the cover screw of the implant. In practice, dentists use lasers so it is very easy, fast, and painless.


  • The cover screw is removed and another component fitted to the implant and an impression is taken. Then a healing cap is fitted to the implant for the gum tissue to heal and take a proper shape for the final restoration.


  • The crown/bridge goes for fabrication to the laboratory and depending on the type of crown selected it takes 5-15 days. Once the lab sends the final restoration, it is checked in the mouth for fit, size, shade, and bite-setting. If the results are satisfactory the crown/bridge is seated with cement or fitted with the screw.


There is another modality that is frequently used: it's called fixed denture with implants.

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