Teeth whitening and preventive dental care

Teeth Whitening Houston TX


If stained and discolored teeth do not let you smile confidently, Sapphire Teeth whitening is for you. 
Professional teeth whitening includes bleaching the teeth to make them lighter. 
Benefits of Teeth Whitening Houston 
1.Improved confidence and a beautiful and bigger smile is the most important benefit, getting what you want to achieve. 
2.The methods used at dentistry are safe and effective, and they rarely result in side effects.
3.This teeth whitening improves oral health, which improves overall body hygiene.
4.Convenient options for the treatment are there, including in-office and out-office treatments. 
5.With proper care and regular cleanups, the teeth remain brighter for a couple of results.
6.The treatment is very quick, it does not take more than an hour to get a brighter smile.



Sapphire Teeth whitening offers both take-home and in-office teeth whitening, their in-office treatment uses special laser and powerful whitening gel, which boosts your smile 5 times in a single visit. Their take-home whitening kits include best grade products recommended by professional testing. 


Teeth Whitening Dentist Cost around $650, and it may climb up to $1000 or more, depending upon the type of treatment and the products used. Teeth whitening isn’t permanent it can last from a few months to 3 years depending upon the type of treatment taken, products used, and the type of care taken of the teeth.


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Pros and cons of Professional teeth whitening


1.Having a brighter and bigger smile.
2.If you avoid taking staining drinks the treatment can last longer.
3.The process is very quick, takes only about 1 hour.
4.The advancements in technology have reduced the problem of side effects and the cases of sensitivity.


1.If you have fillings done in front teeth, they will not get whiten and will cause uneven whiteness. 
2.  If you have tooth sensitivity the products or treatment can cause a thing.


Preventive dental care -  

Preventive dental services save your money in all run. Regular visits to dentistry prevent toothache as well as wallet ache. Proper preventive dental care is critical for keeping your smile healthy. With routine checkups, oral health exams, and other dental services, you can prevent common dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

We all know how healthful teeth are connected to the standard of our life. Essentially, the condition of our teeth and gums directly influences the way we smile, talk, bite, and chew.

Preventive dental services:

1.    Routine cleanings and oral exams are the first steps in preventive dentistry. They will remove plaque from your teeth, brush, floss, and polish them.
2.    Dental sealants are white resin which is applied to the molars after the cleaning. This strong barrier reduces the chance that cavities will form.
3.    Oral cancer screenings are a part of every oral health exam,
4.    Fluoride treatments are used to strengthen the teeth that have been weakened by oral bacteria and acids.
5.    Periodontal care is essential for protecting your mouth from the damaging effects of gum diseases. For early-stage gum disease, deep cleaning is provided.
6.    Wisdom teeth extraction, in many people wisdom teeth is grown between the ages of 17 to 25 if they don’t have space ion the mouth for these new molars extraction is recommended.


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