But - however

nonetheless / nevertheless
Yet / even so
On the contrary

But -

  • He spoke clearly, but I didn't understand him.
  • She saw me, but she didn't recognize me.


  • They were not having fun; however they stayed until the party was over.
  • He doesn't study much; however he gets good grades at school.

Nonetheless / nevertheless

  • It was very stormy; nevertheless we went fishing.
  •  She had no experience; nonetheless she got the job.

Yet / even so

 He was a very good swimmer; even so, he drowned.

  • He wanted to reply to that accusation, yet he didn't.


  • Jack didn't study for the test; still he managed to pass it.
  • He cannot speak very well; still he understands everything.


  • I was invited to a party on Saturday, but went to bed instead.
  •  I am not going out tonight. Instead, I will stay home and cook something. On the contrary
  • The boy is not dumb; on the contrary, he's very smart for his age.
  • Condors are solitary birds. On the contrary, seagulls live in flocks.
  • : Then, moreover, furthermore, besides, in addition to.

Then if it is not here, then it's lost.

  • If you like those shoes, then why don't you buy them? moreover
  • Soccer is a good sport; moreover, it is very easy to learn.
  • They work very hard; moreover, they do a very good job.
  • He is perfect for the job; furthermore, he is the only applicant.
  • I don't want stay here; furthermore, I have things to do.
  • I don't like that house; besides, it's too expensive for me.
  • I don't want to sell my car; besides, I need it for my job.
    In addition to
  • In addition to being a great person, the physician was an excellent professional.
    Mrs. Baker had a great interest in literature, in addition to her interest in music.
  • Although, even if, despite, in spite of, regardless of.

Although / though / even though

Even if
Despite / in spite of
Regardless of

Although / though / even though

Although Jack is not very tall, he is excellent at basketball.
She decided to go to work, though she was not feeling well.

Even if

Even if he’s right, that doesn’t give him the right to be arrogant.

 I will finish the project by tomorrow, even if I have to work all night.

Not even if

  • He will not do that work, even if he is paid for it.
    They will not finish on time, even if they hurry up.
  • Despite / in spite of
  • Despite his bad reputation, the politician won the elections.
  • It was a great match in spite of the bad the weather.
  •  regardless of


  • They decided to finish the project, regardless of the cost.
    A patriot will defend his nation, regardless of the consequences.
  • For, because of, due to, since, as.
  • The baby is crying because he is hungry.
  •  They want to come because they want to see me.
  •  For
  • We'll have to stay home, for it is raining outside.
  • She turned on the lights, for she was afraid of the dark.
  •  Because of -
  • They stayed in because of the bad weather.
  • She cannot play sports because of her illness.
  •  Since
  • He won't understand, since he doesn't speak English.
  • They decided to go to sleep, since it was very late.
  •  As
  • She failed to pass the exam, as she made many mistakes.
  • They couldn't find us, as they didn't have our address.
  •  Due to / owing to - debido a
  • The unemployment was high due to the economic crisis.
  • They had a delay owing to the traffic jam.
  • Therefore, hence, thus, so, consequently.




  • I don't know her phone number, therefore I can't call her.
  • She didn't study, therefore she couldn't pass the exam.

His car broke down, so he took it to a garage.
She was a little fat, so she decided to go on a diet.


  • They were found guilty and consequently sent to prison.
  • They argued all the time, consequently they eventually got divorced.
  • So, so that, so as to, in order to.


So that

in order to


  • So, tell me what you think about my new dress!
    George knew he had to wake up early so he went to bed at 8pm.

So that

  • He gave her a present so that she would feel better.
  •  You should study more so that you can pass the exam.

In order to

  • They left early in order to arrive in time for the movie.
  •  We are working harder in order to earn more money.
  • . As/ as ... as .../ not as ... as .../ as if/ as though.
  • He performed the operation exactly as he was told.
    Nobody knows that subject as I do.

As ...as
Not as...as

  • His car is as fast as mine.
  •  They are not as good as you think.
  • Not so...as
  • His second book was not so good as the first one.
    She was not so beautiful as her mother.
    As if / as though
  • They treat me as if they didn't know me.
  • Bill started to spend money as though he had won the lottery.
  • Than
  • They started to have more problems than they expected.
  • Learning English is more difficult than most people think.