Lesson num1 a (Glossary)

Glossary unit 1(lesson1):

Depend on:  ????? ?

Context: ????,????


Discipline: Obedience

Types: Kinds

Qualities: Traits

Relevant: Related to the subject

Enable: Make possible 

Organization: Group that has specific principles and goals

Traits: Characteristics

Appreciate: Evaluate

Honesty: Being humble

Knowledge: Information

Confidence: Trust

Ability: Being able to

Illustrate:  To clarify, make clear 

Participate: Take part

Execute: To perform

Ideal: Good example of

Flexible: Can be changed , covinced easily

Increase: Add the amount of

Motivation: Enthusiasmto do something, eager to do

Exist: Available

Inevitability :   Being crucial , cannot be ignored or avoided

Relationship: Link, connection

Reflect: Show

Interest: Attention

Potential: Possible

Strategy: Way, tool

Characteristic: Trait

Profile: ???? ??

Recruit: Collect ,add members

Fulfill: Achieve

Tangible: (Can be touched and seen)