Blanchard Elementary Third Grade

Third grade is a very important transitional year in the lives of our students. They learn to be more independent and responsible for their own things as well as homework. This can be difficult in the first few weeks of school. However, the more independent you help your child to be, the better they will adjust to the new responsibilities. We encourage you to help with school work at home, but remember the responsibilitiy falls on your child.

To learn more about the Louisiana Student Standards, go to 

Tuesday folders come home every Tuesday.  This will include a weekly conduct grade, papers for you to look over with your child, and a grade sheet so that you are able to see your child's current grade in each subject.  You may also view your child's progress through JCAMPUS. 

Each child has a Classroom Connection, or "homework planner" as we call it.  Students write down their homework as soon as they enter their homeroom. This is a great way for you to see what your child has for homework and a wonderful way for us to communicate.  We would like for you to initial this every night so that we have some verification that you have seen the homework assignments.  Students will always know about their homework because it will stay on the board until the next morning.

Breakfast and lunch will be free for ALL Caddo Parish students this year.

The school fees are $35.00.  Please pay this as soon as possible.  If there is a problem, please let your homeroom teacher know so that they can work with  you. 

 If there is a change in afternoon transportation please call the office as soon as possible. If a child simply tells us they are going home a different way, we will buzz the office. We do not want your child getting home differently than they are supposed to.


We are up and running in the Accelerated Reader program.  Please encourage your child to read AR books daily.  If you have books at home that you are not sure if they are AR, go to You can type in the book, and it will tell you the reading level. 


BoxTops-We are collecting BoxTops to earn cash for our school. For those of you who are not familiar, you can find BoxTops on many of the food boxes that you buy.  Please take just a moment to cut these out and send them in.  Thanks so much to everyone who contributes.  This is an easy way to earn cash for our school!