Weekly FYI


Homework and Objectives


March 9-13



This week's Objectives:

ELA: (Unit 3 - Louisiana Purchase) I can determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text. I can read with appropriate fluency. I can determine the central message. I can determine the character traits of historical figures. I can write a multi-paragraph essay describing historical events.

Math: This Mission builds a deep understanding of fractions as a single number. Students begin concretely interacting with fractions by folding strips of paper to create equal parts. By the end of the Mission, students will be able to evaluate equivalence and compare size pictorially.

Social Studies: Students examine the events that led to Louisiana becoming part of the United States first as a territory then as a state.


Science: Test Prep



ELA-  Spelling - Students need to cmplete three tic tac toe options. We will have a spelling test Friday

Math- Mission 5 Test Friday

Science Vocab Test Tuesday

Every week, we are having a timed multiplication test. Each student will be given one minute to pass all 36 problems. We started with multiplying by 2. Once they pass the 2 test, they will move on the 3 test and so on. If your child does not pass the test, they do not move on. They will take it every week until they pass. Each test is worth a part of a banana split. Sometime in the spring, we will have a banana split party to celebrate! Encourage your child to know their facts!!!


Please encourage your child to work on ALL math facts at home.



Weekly FYI

Reading/ELA: Spelling words - unfair, unkind, unload, unknown, unusual, discover, disposition, dismissed, dissolved, disease

Math: Mission 5-Test Friday

Science: Traits-Vocab test Tuesday

Social Studies: Events Leading to Statehood



March 13 - Field Day shirt orders due

March 23-27 - Spring Break