Weekly Newsletter

5Day 4’s Class NewsletterWeek of: August 17, 2009

Theme: All About Me

 Welcome back to school! We are thrilled that school has officially started. We have spent the last few weeks planning and getting the room ready and we are eager to get the year rolling! This week we begin our All About Me unit. Each day, we will be making a different page for our own booklets to take home at the end of the unit. Look below for a brief description of our daily activities. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.               

Thank you for trusting us with your children; we are sincerely looking forward to learning all about them! 

Sarah & Tricia                       Sarah’s phone:  409-0136                                 E-mail: sarahdries@yahoo.com 

Monday:                 Read:  The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn                                Sing: Hello ____, Hello _____.Make paint handprints/snack time placemats 

Tuesday:                  Read:  If You Take a Mouse to School by Laura NumeroffPlay: Hide the ChildWeigh and Graph each child’s weight 

Wednesday:             Read: I Love School                                Play: Bean Bag Toss                                Measure and Graph each child’s height 

Thursday:                                Read I like Me by Nancy Carlson                                Sing:  Hello! Hello! Hello and how are you?Self Portrait for Portfolio entry 

Friday:                     Read: Yo Yes by Chris Rashka                                Sing:  Make New Friends                                Create paper plate faces to use for class mobiles                               

 Take Home Activity:         Please send to school by Thursday---place in green folder in your child’s cubby                Please help your child decorate the “All About _____” page and return it to school by Thursday. You can use personal pictures, magazine cutouts, drawings, etc. In the past, families have filled the page with photos of the child with his or her family members, their house, pictures of pets, etc. Have fun being creative! These will be shared in class and then bound in a binder for our classroom library.

Upcoming Important DatesFriday August 28                                 Friends School Family Picnic at Des Pres Park (5:30 pm)                                                                (This is a very fun activity; please try to come with your family.)