Supply List

5 Day 4’s Supply List  

o   Extra set of clothing (including socks/underwear) to keep in cubby—please label with your child’s name

o   School bag/backpack to carry back and forth from school

o   Picture of your child to place in their cubby for the yearo   Picture of your family to hang in our classroom for the year

o   Communal Supplies (You do not need to label with your child’s name---these will be shared by the class.)

o   6 glue sticks

o   2 bottles Elmer’s Glue

o   1 bottle Tacky Glue (brown bottle)

o   24 pack of crayons  

Crayola Washable markers

o   Watercolor paint set

o   3 packages baby wipes (refill packs are perfect)

o   4 rolls of paper towels

o    (At this time we do NOT need Kleenex or hand sanitizer, but we may ask for it later in the year :)