How many days are in February? On what day of the week does February start/end?

What does leap year mean? Is 2020 a leap year?

How many days are in February? 

How many full weeks are in February? 

How many partial weeks are in February?

Give the date for the: 2nd Tuesday, 4th Friday, 1st Saturday


What color/s is/are associated with February? Why?

Name three things that are related to/that you think of with the month of February.

What is one holiday celebrated in February?

Name three things that people buy for each other on Valentine’s Day

What word/words is/are associated with February?


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Q: What Valentine’s Day candy is only for girls?

A: HER-SHE’s Kisses.


Q: What did the drum say to the other drum on Valentine’s Day?

A: My heart beats for you.


Q: What do you call a very small Valentine?

A: A valen-tiny.


Q: What did the blueberry say to his wife on Valentine’s Day?

A: I love you berry much.


Q: What did the Valentine’s Day card say to the stamp?

A: Stick with me and you’ll go places.


Q: Why do skunks celebrate Valentine’s Day?

A: Because they’re scent-imental.


Q: What do you call two birds in love?

A: Tweethearts.


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Follow your heart

Play with heart

Broken heart

All heart

Heart to heart talk









Source: @imightbefunny1     https://www.mommyshorts.com/2019/02/hilarious-valentines-day-memes-only-parents-will-fully-appreciate.html