School Supply List

School supply list

 For personal daily use: 

1 single subject spiral notebook for Social Studies Journal ONLY

1 binder or a divided section in one of your 2" binders for Social Studies material ONLY

dividers if you are dividing a section of your binder for Social Studies

loose-leaf paper

pens (blue, black, AND red)

mechanical pencils

hand held pencil sharpener



color pencils 

For projects:                                              

index cards

poster board

glue sticks



For our classroom supply:

paper towels

cloth rags for cleaning

GREEN cleaners*

hand sanitizer


Expo markers (in basic colors please)

plastic spoons, knives, and forks


* The seventh grade team is committed to providing a nurturing, effective, and safe classroom environment for ALL of our students EVERYDAY and would greatly appreciate any and all supplied cleaning products to be "green" or environmentally friendly.   Method, Seventh Generation, and Clorox Green Works are a few green cleaning brands that can be found locally.  For more information, please visit and THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR DONATIONS!!