Classwork and Homework Policies


Parents, please review your child’s agenda and Ren-Web each evening to ensure that they have completed their assignments.   Students will be given homework daily. The homework will be a review of the lessons the children do in class that day, so nothing is “new”.  If a homework assignment is not turned in, your child will receive a zero (0) until the assignment is turned in. I will email the parent and student if homework is not completed.  Work that is turned in by the afternoon of the day the homework was due will receive a maximum grade of 90%.  Homework that is turned in one day late will receive a maximum grade of 80%.  If the work is two days late or more the maximum grade it will receive is a 50%.  Once the grade has been posted as missing on Ren-Web, students will have one week to turn in the assignment for a 50%.   Homework is very important in reinforcing the day’s lessons!!  If your child is spending an exorbitant amount of time on their homework, please contact me immediately as this may be indicative of an issue we need to discuss further. 

Classwork assignments known as 5 minute checks are conducted on a regular basis and students are allowed to use their homework to help answer the questions, further implicating the importance in completing homework assignments thoughtfully and consistently.  5 minute checks consist of 3-8 questions based on the information learned and discussed the previous school day.  Students are graded for accuracy and partial credit is not accepted.  The questions from the 5 minute checks ARE the questions that form future quizzes and tests. 

Journaling is another aspect of learning I find essential in student success and meta-cognition.  Students become more reflective when given the opportunity to "think back" on the day's lessons.  Journal assignments may count as either classwork or homework grades and students are expected to bring their Social Studies journal to class daily.