Course Info and Syllabus

Course description: 

The seventh grade study of Africa, Asia, and Australia completes the study of state, nation, and world begun in grade four.  It is designed to allow for an examination of societies dissimilar to our own in such a way as to broaden our understanding of people and places in an increasingly interdependent world.  We will examine areas of the world having the longest record of human habitation and the richest areas of human experience.  These are regions that possess some of the world’s most valuable resources.  Understanding all areas of our world is essential in this increasingly interdependent age if we are to remain effective citizens with our eyes on the future.


Text:  “World Studies: Africa,” Prentice Hall, New Jersey: 2005.

“World Studies: Asia and the Pacific,” Prentice Hall, New Jersey: 2005.


Anticipated Schedule:  (Please check Ren-Web’s Parent Web for a more detailed schedule and weekly updates to assignments and grades.)


Track-In Period One:

            Geography Review


Track-In Period Two:


            Middle East

Track-In Period Three:

            History, Culture, & Traditions of Africa

Track-In Period Four:



Instruction: Learning will be achieved in a variety of different ways.  We will be using two different textbooks as well as a vast amount of supplemental texts, educational videos, oral presentations, multimedia tools, and individual and cooperative projects.  I strive to provide a curriculum that not only is rich in information, but also allows for and involves various activities that will appeal to all different learning styles as well as student creativity and participation.