Outline View of Procedures from PowerPoint:WELCOME TO 7TH GRADE!

S. Lindsey 

My Teaching Philosophy

  • I believe EVERY student can succeed in school. 
  • I will provide multiple opportunities for YOU to do and achieve your BEST! J 

My Goals

  • To give you the academic and social skills you need to progress to eighth grade.
  • To provide a supportive and fun classroom environment.
  • To help you make new friends and discover new interests. 

Agenda Use

  • You need to keep and manage your agenda each day.
  • Write down homework and all upcoming assignments
  • I sign them ALL at beginning of class!
  • Contact List

 Homework Policy

  • Daily homework
  • No Homework= zero in grade book
  • Highest grade for late assignments turned in by the 2:30 is a 90.  The following day is an 80.  After that…50.
  • You have one week…then 0.
  • Please make sure you turn in late assignments to the box with “late” notation

 Beginning of Class

  • Write down homework & KEEP OUT AGENDA!!
  • READ BOARD and follow directions
  • Begin warm up (5 min check) immediately 

Turning in work

  • Designated areas
  • Proper heading
  • To the Left! 


  • Listen!
  • Raise hand
  • Toy
  • Always be respectful 

Forbidden Questions in the middle of class

  • Can I go to the bathroom?
  • Can I get water?
  • Can I sharpen my pencil?
  • What do we have to do?
  • What work am I missing? 

Hall Passes

  • You must have already filled out pass
  • No one else is out of classroom 

School materials

  • You are allowed to get any materials you might need in the room when you need them without my permission
  • Make sure you return items that are not yours
  • Once they are gone….they are gone
  • Feel free to replenish

 Coming to Attention

  • Gimme 5!
  • Lights out
  • Call

 Keeping your Notebook

  • Pages are numbered and ordered!
  • Pictures are in COLOR
  • Words are circled
  • Main Ideas are Underlined
  • QUIZ grade!! 

When you finish early

  • Read silently
  • Work on missing work
  • Work on homework
  • Work on another subject
  • Study
  • Write note to friend
  • Draw

 Intercom/ Telephone

  • You are not to answer phone or intercom unless instructed
  • You are to become silent immediately when hearing either 

Teacher is out of room

  • If I am ever out of the room, you are to follow the instructions given.
  • Best behavior! 

Please and Thank you are two phrases that need to be used frequently. Use these words DAILY with EVERYONE!