Bonus Materials from Seminars and Conference Sessions

Bonus Materials from Seminars and Conference Sessions

Thank you for taking time to check out BONUS material from my seminar and conference sessions! This website allows me to provide seminar and conference participants with a lot of extras that I wouldn't otherwise be able to share--including the color versions of my handbook sections and other electronic materials like Excel Spreadsheets/Workbooks and Powerpoint Presentations. I hope you find these extras truly helpful in your work with students!

Many of the files are very large due to the graphics and may take about 40 seconds to 'pop up' on your computer screen (others may take longer to actually download). Be patient, count to 40. You have six weeks to access material before your passcode expires. If you need help using some of the extras, look for the document labeled 'cheat sheet' for step-by-step directions.

Dates/locations for future seminars and/or conferences can be found on the Bureau of Educational Research (BER) website. I'm also available for district-level training at a considerably reduced rate when the seminar is arranged directly between me and the sponsoring school district or cooperative. Please note that I give discounts to the East Coast! :)

Thanks again for attending my sessions.

Enjoy!  :)

Sarah Peterson

**Copyright 2006 by Slosson Education Publishing and Sarah Peterson protects information contained in this website. All rights reserved. No parts may be reproduced without prior consent from publisher and/or author unless for student therapy purposes. Peterson, Sarah (2006). A Resource for the School-Based Speech Language Pathologist. Aurora, NY: Slosson Education Publishing.

Handbook--color copies of graphic organizers for printing

Sarah's most AWESOME! book

Email to teachers about class room collaboration

Standard/Goal Alignment Activity

Goal Bank Aligned to Standards

Door questions that students must answer

Communication is...graphic organizer

Articulation Cover sheet to binder

Language Cover sheet to binder

Water bottle wrapper with voice tips

Classroom locator 

Music playlist

Using music information

Cheat sheet for power points, database, and excel workbook

Workload slide 

SpEd Process powerpoint with calendar-older

SpEd Process powerpoint-newer 

Communication Disorders and SLP powerpoint 

       -Tweety bird-attic pp video clip

       -Porky Pig-stuttering pp video clip

       -Nanny-voice pp video clip

       -George Bush-language pp video clip

       -Rain man-autism pp video clip

       -Speedy Gonzolas-accent not disorder pp video clip

       -Pepe Lepu-pp accent not disorder pp video clip

       -Micheal J Fox-pp Parkinson's pp video clip

       -Modified Barium pp video clip

       -Christopher Reeves pp video clip

       -Senator Johnson pp video clip

Articulation evaluation template

Language evaluation template

Fluency evaluation template

Voice evaluation template

Excel Data sheets and Graphic Progress Reports

Excel Caseload database

Articulation train

Articulation phonemic awareness

Articulation placemat

Articulation sheet for s sound

Articulation sheet for r sound

Articulation sheet for th sound

Articulation RTI model powerpoint

Articulation carry over letter to parent

Articulation Additional resources

Assoc & Vocab word wall no excuse list

Assoc & Vocab heteronyms

Assoc & Vocab homophones and multiple meanin

Assoc & Vocab Additional Resources

LBCT Humor visual puns

LBCT Figurative language

LBCT Self advocacy for articulation

SE EET training powerpoint for staff

EET sequence

SE Additional resources

PL Note taking for students

Additional resources and links