My Classroom Website

Welcome to Mrs. Kennedy's Classroom News.  This is my 5th year here at Avery Elementary, and each year brings new milestones, more happy faces, and lots of learning.  I love learning, and I take every opportunity to share that love with your children.  I believe children learn best through hands on experiences, therefore we will use great literature throughout the year to help us build our own reading and writing skills, as well as participate in multi-sensory acitivites, such as play-doh and finger paint.  At home, I continue to share my love for learning with my daugher Ava (15 months) and my husband. Ava keeps me very busy, as she explores how to open cabinets, climb the stairs, and dumb out her boxes of books!  In the summer, we love to be outside digging in dirt, splashing in water, and climbing up slides.  The public library also has a great story time for the family, that we rarely miss.  I encourage you to visit it with our own family as well! 

 The links above are organized to make navigation as simple as possible!  Please view this website often, as I will post new information on it weekly, so you can keep in touch with what your child is doing here at school!

Happy Reading!

 Mrs. Kennedy