Character Analysis


How the character changed

 First paragraph

Introduce the novel

*   Tell the author and title of the book

*   Summarize the novel

Second Paragraph

Describe Paul physical looks  and actions

Use 2 quotes from the novel cite (Page Number)

Paragraph 3 and 4

Courage paragraph 3

Tells Tino he told on him at the carnival pp171

Afraid to ask his Dad if he saw Erik hit Tino pp.201

Ask Dad what position he played in soccer 226

Fight at the end

Confronting Erik at the end

Write a statement on how Paul acquired courage and changed

Commitment paragraph 4

pp. 121 “Nobody is going to mess

pp. 160 “I walked up to Luis

pp. 193  ride bus

pp. 209 We’re all eagles

Award incident

Write a statement on how Paul developed a strong commitment to Tangerine and the soccer team.


Conclusion Paragraph due

*Restate your thesis statement, how Paul changes



* What you think about how Paul changes