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Nothing But the Truth,


Day 1

Diary Write: What does fair mean? Is it okay to be unfair?

Read Pages: 1-8

Due 4/3


Day 2

 Diary Write: Describe the qualities of a good teacher. Tell why you selected these qualities..

Read Pages: 9-25

Due 4/4


Day 3

Diary Write: How are Teachers different?

Read Pages 26-45

Due 4/5


Day 4

Diary Write: What are ways you get people to believe your side of a story? (Give examples)

Read Pages: 46-68

Due 4/8


Day 5

Diary Write: What are some ways Philip is being unfair?

Read Pages: 69-86

Due 4/9


Day 6

Diary Write: What was Ms Stewart’s intent? Give examples from the readings that support your thoughts.

Read Pages: 87-96

Due 4/10







Day 7

Dairy Write: What role does the media play in giving accurate information? What impact does the media have on individual’s lives?

Read Pages: 96-114

Due 4/11


Day 8

Diary Write: How does Mr. Griffin use the singing of the Philip’s singing of, ”The Star Spangled Banner”, for his benefit? What are some examples of people using the news for personal gain?

Read Pages: 115-129

Due 4/12


Day 9

Diary Write: When is the truth important? Why isn’t Philip held to the truth? What do you think should happen to Ms. Malloy?

Read Pages:130-144

Due 4/15


Day 10

Diary Write: What is Dr. Seymour’s purpose or reasoning? What do you think about this?

Read Pages:145-164

Due 4/16


Day 11

Dairy Write: React

Read Pages 165-177

Due 4/17