Best Internet Option in Rural Areas

Rural Internet Options

Rural residents are blessed to enjoy numerous benefits but high-speed internet option isn’t one though. But at least, having only the availability of dial-up service is far gone. Because many Internet Service providers (ISP) started including rural areas under their coverage areas.

Available Internet connection types in Rural areas

Satellite Internet

  • Its widespread availability makes it a great option for rural areas
  • A clear view of the sky is what all require to avail a satellite internet service in your home
  • Satellite Internet can offer broadband speeds that could be more than enough for an average household
  • Satellite Internet providers - Viasat and HughesNet, both include data restrictions that might result in slower speeds

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet

  • This Internet connection uses existing phone lines to transmit data
  • You’ll surely get DSL Internet service if you have telephone lines access to your house
  • Maximum Internet speeds in DSL Internet connection range up to 100 Mbps
  • DSL Internet options are often available at cheaper rates than satellite Internet

Fixed Wireless Internet

  • It beams Internet signals from the nearest wireless base station to a receiver installed on your roof and then to the router installed inside your home.
  • Fixed Wireless service is available to almost 50 states. Most importantly it has lower latency compared to the satellite Internet that makes it a better option for Online gaming

Factors to consider while buying Rural Internet

  • Look out for Rural Internet plans that match your needs
  • Beware of introductory prices which will increase after a certain time
  • Decide whether it’s better to buy or rent the equipment. Look out for the providers that offer free installation.


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