Welcome to Mrs. Sattler's 7th Grade Math Classes!

Welcome to Mrs. Sattler's 7th Grade math classes: Algebra: PreAlgebra

Homework: Each graded homework assignment will be worth 4 points.  All assignments will be graded.  In order to receive full credit you must attempt (show work for) EVERY problem.  Homework usually consists of a problem set from the text book or a worksheet.  I will post most assignments on this website.  Class time is usually given to start most assignments and ask questions.  Some students may occasionally complete their assignments during this time, however, THERE IS AN ASSIGNMENT EVERY DAY IN MATH CLASS!  For the first semester I will call home if assignments are not at least half completed before class begins.

Absent Work Policy: Seventh graders are exprected to set up an appointment before school with Mrs. Sattler to go over notes missed while absent if needed.  Students are expected to complete all absent assignments/tests/quizzes by the due date written on the assignment.  This is usually 2 - 3 days.  Assignments due on date of absence are due the day the student returns.  If a student misses a test or quiz and has not missed any notes, he or she will be required to take the test on the day of return regardless of whether or not a review was missed.

Late Work Policy: Homework not received on its due date (and time) will only receive up to HALF credit.  Late work may be turned into the late folder at any time before the quarter's interim test. 

Math Notes: Each student is REQUIRED to keep notes in his or her binder.  All notes will be fill-in.  Every few weeks students will have a mini quiz over various aspects of their notes to ensure they are taking notes and keeping them organized.  These quizzes will be a major part of the classwork grade.

Quiz Day: On quiz days sudents will receive quiz grades as well as class  work grades.  Students' class work grade will be a quiz over the notes (mentioned above).  Students' quiz grades will be quizzes on the first several secitons of the chapter and on integers.  Integers must be mastered by the end of seventh grade.

Tests: Tests are standard among all 7th grade classrooms.  We will be taking an interim test at the end of every quarter.  The test re-take policy states that students may only make up one math test per quarter (not including interim test).  The higher of the two grades will be recorded.

Requirements: Supplies that are required daily in math class are: Binder (just for math) with 5 dividers (homework, daily warm-ups, notes, tests and quizzes, and lined paper), clip in pencil pouch containing: lots of pencils, red grading pens, and 4 black dry-erase markers, and a reem of lined paper.  Students will be provided with a ruler, protractor, claculator, compass, graph paper, etc... when needed, but may use their own.

Grading:           Homework              5%                                          A: 100 - 89.5

                                Class work               20%                                       B: 89.4 - 79.5

                                Quizzes                     30%                                       C: 79.4 - 73.5

                                Tests                          40%                                       D: 73.4 - 69.5

                                Interim                     5%                                          U: 69.4 - 0

Tutoring: I am available for tutoring basically every morning.  It is a good idea to check with me the day before (because of morning meetings: especially on Thursdays); however I ENCOURAGE students to come n for help if they are struggling with homework, absent work, etc... Teh textbook has an amazing website at http://my.hrw.com.  Each student will have a username and password that will give them access to the site.  It has video teaching clips, homework help, extra practice, and much more.  You schould check it out!

Parental Communication: You may E-mail me at terri_sattler@gwinnett.k12.ga.us.  I will be using the E-mail-grading program so that you will be able to keep track of progress and grades.