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I teach two sections of reading; 9th grade Intensive Reading  and 11th grade Intensive Language Arts.  This is where I will post assignments, due dates, and test dates.


9th grade Intensive Reading (1st and 4th periods)

This week in Intensive Reading (1st and 4th periods) we are working on citing strong textual evidence to support a claim.  The Achieve 3000 article we are using for this objective is entitled "Sugar Not Always Sweet".  This article discusses the issues of genetically engineered foods, particularly the sugar beet.  By the end of the week, the students will have written a multi-paragraph response using the evidence from the text that the students have identified.

11th grade Intensive Language Arts (2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th periods)

This week in Intensive Language Arts we are focusing on the type of questions that are found on the SAT.  The students are working in practice tests and we are going to discuss their answers.  We will be focusing on why an answer is correct, and why the others are not.  We are also going to be identifying the question type based on the FSA reporting categories.





Due Date

1st and 4th Periods

Achieve 3000

"Sugar Not Always Sweet"

  • highlights in article
  • 75% or higher on activity
  • Thought Question:  at least 2 paragraphs citing evidence from the text



Friday, 9/2/2016

2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th  Periods

Practice SAT test:  5 passages with annotations.  Question type identification and corrections.

Friday, 9/2/2016


What you need to know...

I run a "tight ship".  In order to maximize learning, here are classroom procedures:


*Tardiness will not be tolerated. You are to be in your assigned seat when the bell rings and not running through the doorway.


 *You will be given an assigned seat and will be expected to sit in that seat until it is reassigned by me.


 *You are expected to go to the restroom before and after class. Speak directly to me if an emergency arises during class.  If you need to go to the restroom during class, you may not take your cell phone or visit the vending machine!


 *You are expected have the necessary materials required for class each day.  This includes a pen or a pencil!


 *Your binder will be left in the classroom for Bell Ringer activities and class assignments.  Your binder will also serve as a work portfolio.


 *Work must be turned in on time. Work turned in late will not be eligible for full credit.


 *Cheating or plagiarism will result in a zero for that assignment. Serious offenses will be punished according to district policy.


 *Cell phones, iPads, or other electronic devices will be turn off and put out of sight BEFORE entering the classroom.


 *Backpacks, purses and bags will be stowed on the shelves at the front of the room.  At no time should they be on your desk.


 *There is no eating in class.  Do not bring your Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee to class!  Even though the vending machines are close to the classroom, there is no eating in class and the only beverage allowed is water.


Classroom Expectations....


v  Respect:  This means respect yourself, respect your classmates, and respect the classroom learning environment.


v  Understand responsibilities:  See above!


v  Listen to learn:  If  you are talking to someone, listening to someone, checking your texts or social media: you are not listening!


v  Exceed expectations:  You already think you know what you can accomplish.  You also think you know what other people believe you can do.  Prove yourself wrong! Go higher! 


v  Succeed!  Do not "settle" for a passing grade:  make each assignment greater than the last!

When we compete with our expectations of ourselves, many victories are possible!


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