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 Grey Cloud Elementary/Ms. Brady/Savanah Brady


~Parents and Students~


11/13/11-  This week we will be having a fundraiser to support our school. We will be selling items from different catalogs sponsored  by QSS(Quick Saving Schools). If you would like to learn more about this fundraiser go to QSS for more. During this week we will also be learning about Islam and making Islamic booklets. In English we will be learning about the use of pronouns in sentences. If you know your child is going to be absent any of the days this week please let me know ahead of time. :) Also in class we will be assessing your child's 1st progress report. For more information about Citizenship/Academic grades you can visit this rubric. *A progress report is shown to the students to let them know how they are doing.


10/29/11- This week is Red Ribbon Week. To honor Special Agent "Kiki" Camarena, we will be wearing red and pledging to not take drugs. In the 60's he was in Mexico and was close to finding a huge drug pipeline of cocaine and marijuana. Sadly drug dealers found  him and killed him and his pilot. Today we honor his bravery and you will be asked to wear "Drug Free" buttons and your teachers will wear red bracelets. Also today we you will be taking your first Root Words quiz. You are allowed to study for 2 minutes before you open up the quiz. Once you enter the classroom the clock starts. Use your time wisely.


STUDENTS: This week all of you will be registering for QuizStar. (Quia Quizzes) Or IQ(Important Quizzes)

10/9/11- We will be doing Evaluation Testing to see what you learned last year and what you need to work on. It is NOT part of your grade, it is just something we use to determine what you need to be studying. We will be testing in these subjects:






Testing: We will be doing the testing in class. If you miss the testing, you can NOT make it up at home,

just come back and take it at class. If you are on vacation or are going on vacation this week (10-9-11 -  10-10-11) 

please email me so I can know ahead of time.