Hello Parents and Students! This page was created so that when a student is absent, they can look on this page of the website and see the Classwork they missed. This page does NOT include the Homework and Warm Ups. Everyday, your classwork will be posted here, same with Homework and Warm Ups. Make sure when you're absent you...

-Check the Homework Section, Warm Up Section, and Classwork Section

When you're absent, you are expected to make up the work. There are NO excuses because every day the Homework/Classwork/Warm Up(s) are posted online. Make sure you check each section.


11/13/11-  We will start our Five Pillars of Islam project. Each of you will be assigned a pillar. You CAN'T choose your own pillar. The teacher will choose them for you. In class, we will go over it. If you know you are going to be absent this week, I can't post work on the class website or on Google Docs. Let me know ahead of time so I can give you a packet on this project. If you are absent and miss it, it will not be my fault, it will be yours.


10/9/11- We will be doing the Evaluation testing. Check the:  My Classroom page.  It will show you all the subjects we will be testing in. If you are absent you can NOT take the Evaluation tests at home. You will find out your Electives and what teachers and rooms you have.