Student Page

Hello !


This year will be a great year of exploration of several types of written literature.  We will also be working together to create some fun and outstanding essays and short stories.  I am truly looking forward to this academic school year. We will revel in language as we move through the school year.  I would like each of you to sign and return the "promise to participate" form that will be handed out on the first day of class. These forms indicate that you pledge the following:

1.  I will participate in all classroom discussions.

2.  I will return my homework on the date that it is due.

3.  I will ask questions when I am confused.

4.  If I am absent, I will check the homework on the classroom website.

5.  I pledge not to be distracting to the other students in my class.

6.  I pledge to work to the best of my abilities.

 I will be collecting these forms starting on Monday.  The last day to submit the signed form is on Friday.   You will get reward tickets for submitting the signed form early.  Each day will result in a ticket.  On Friday, I will draw from the tickets for a prize from our classroom reward shelf.  So please get these forms in early!

I look forward to meeting all of you and can not wait for this school year to begin!


Mrs. Doherty-Maggs