Silent Reading

English 9 Daily Silent Reading Rewards Program*  

The Program

The goal of the Daily Silent Reading Program is to encourage you to incorporate reading material of your own choice into our daily class routine. Hopefully, this will accomplish three things

1.) You will be inspired to continue reading outside of the classroom

2.) You will find it a nice break from the demands of the required reading in the class

3.) You will boost your overall grade by the end of the semester.

Here is how this whole thing works: For every book you read you must complete a written report (see guidelines below). Every 400 pages read, accompanied by the appropriate number of well-written reports, is worth up to a 10 bonus points on your final letter grade at the end of the semester. You may continue this process up to a maximum of 100 bonus points.

 For example: -

-2 books of 200 pages each = 2 well written reports .10 point bonus

--1 book of 400 pages = 1 well written report = 10 point bonus

--1 book of 50 pages = 1 well written report = 2 bonus points 

I will keep track of your progress during the quarter and the bonus will added to your final letter grade for each term.   

Report Guidelines

 The written reports will vary in length based on the size of the book involved. The more plot and characters in the book, the longer the report. The following are the things I will be looking for when marking your reports and assigning the bonuses. Your report must include: --a fairly detailed plot summary --a character description for all major characters (including characterization: flat, round, etc.) --identification of both the protagonist and antagonist --a description of the setting --a description of the conflict and any major complications in the plot --a discussion of the theme of the book Your report must also be neatly written and (hopefully) free of small scale editing mistakes (spelling, punctuation, etc.).

Finally: An extra reward of a popcorn reading period will be rewarded to the class with the most reports!