Mr. Sawyer's Special Education Resources

My name is Mr. Sawyer and I am a Learning Support Teacher at Bishop Townshend Public School in London, Ontario.  In addition to working one-on-one and with small groups of special needs students, I assist teachers in special education programming for their students. 

The Thames Valley District School Board provides many programs and services for special needs students.  In our London community there are a host of service providers with resources and programs to help students and their families deal with learning disabilities and mental health issues.  A large part of my role as a LST involves acting in the capacity of case manager.  I work to coordinate services for students, parents, teachers, and service providers to ensure that our students receive the services that are most appropriate and meet their individual needs.  In this role it is necessary to ensure that our resources are used efficiently and that we build special education capacity and experience in our school.

To access the current Special Education site for TVDSB use the following link.  There you will find the Special Education Plan and information related to Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and resources for special needs students.

Thames Valley District School Board

Ontario Ministry of Child and Youth Services

Ontario Ministry of Education - Special Education