Agencies and Community Support Organizations

Amehyst School was established by the Ministry of Education as a residential demonstration school for students with severe learning disabilities.  The school's mandate is to provide intensive and specialized educational programs and also provide resources for students, parents and educators.

Autism Ontario has developed various resources that aim to create awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder and to promote acceptance and opportunities for all individuals with ASD.

Child and Parent Resource Institute provides services to children and youth with complex mental health and/or developmental challenges.  They serve children and youth (and families) on a short term residential and community basis. The services they provide are highly specialized and include assessment, consultation, treatment, research and education.  They also provide programs and clinics for children and youth, their families and caregivers.

Children's Aid Society of London & Middlesex protects and cares for children at risk and promotes the healthy development of children, families and communities.  They are a non-profit organization operating under the legislative mandate of the Ontario Child and Family Services Act and are funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services of the Ontario Government.  They provide protection and support services to 1,500 families with children annually. Last year, the Children's Aid Society provided substitute care to 1,226 children throughout the year in foster homes, group homes and independence homes.

Community Living Ontario is a non-profit, provincial association that advocates for people who have an intellectual disability to be fully included in all aspects of community life.  Community Living Ontario envisions a society where people who have an intellectual disability belong and feel respected.  This means that people who have an intellectual disability:  1. live in neighbourhoods of choice;  2. go to neighbourhood schools; 3. work at real jobs for real pay; 4. participate and contribute through volunteer, recreation and leisure activities; and, 5. are valued citizens

Community Services Coordination Network (CSCN) is a not-for-profit charitable organization, funded by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.  The key function of CSCN is to coordinate access to various services and supports for persons who have a developmental disability, and for children and adolescents with complex needs, that may require a response from more than one service provider. CSCN is the single point of access to residential services for children and adults with a developmental disability, living in our five county catchment area (London-Middlesex, Oxford, Elgin, Huron, and Perth Counties). We also provide a single point of access for children and adolescents seeking admission to a residential based treatment program, and/or the WrapAround process.

Craigwood Youth Services have been in existence for just over 50 years, beginning as a farm operation run by the Mennonite Committee of Ontario. Since that time we have evolved into an incorporated Children's Mental Health Centre, providing a wide variety of programs.  These youth programs include both residential and day treatment, young offender and voluntary.

Family Networks is a neighbourhood-based support service that helps support families.  The first project of its kind in Ontario, Family Networks provides access to the professional and other community services necessary to keep the family together safely.  When a family is referred to Family Networks, the neighbourhood Facilitator meets with the family to discuss their concerns and assist them in developing a support plan. This plan may include linkages with other neighbourhood and community services. A fully trained Mentor may be assigned to the family for support, assistance, guidance and advocacy. The Mentor supports the plan that has been developed with the family and the Facilitator.

London Health Sciences Centre operates the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care program which provides:

1. Child & Adolescent Day Treatment Services; 2. Child & Adolescent Inpatient Service; and, 3. Child & Adolescent Outpatient Service

Merrymount Children's Centre The best way to help children is to build strong families. Our services are designed to support families who are going through a crisis or transition.  Whether it’s a serious illness, domestic violence, custody disputes, or the challenge of coping as a teenage parent—Merrymount can help.  Every family has its own strengths, even at the most difficult times. At Merrymount, we build on those strengths, providing families with the supports they need, when they need them.  As an accredited Children’s Mental Health Centre, Merrymount continues to provide the needed supports to families within our community. Our education and prevention programs strengthen families and help parents acquire skills and coping abilities, so that the next time a situation develops, they’re better able to handle the crisis.

South West CCAC is a local organizations that can help you access government-funded home care services and long-term care homes. We also help people to navigate the array of community support and health agencies in our communities.  Health care services include nursing, personal support (help with bathing, dressing, etc.), physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, and social work.     

Thames Valley Children Centre is a regional rehabilitation centre for children with physical disabilities, communication disorders, and developmental needs.  We are a community-oriented Centre providing assessment, diagnosis, consultation and therapy to help young people reach their potential in terms of independence, self esteem and participation in society.

Thames Valley District School Board is one of the largest public boards in Ontario and serves an area that spans 200 km from Rodney to Tavistock and Glencoe to Norwich, over 7,000 square kilometres.  We came into being on January 1, 1998, with the amalgamation of the Elgin County Board of Education, The Board of Education for the City of London, Middlesex County Board of Education and Oxford County Board of Education. As a public education provider, we offer a full range of programs and services to learners across Thames Valley. We have 184 schools serving more than 76,000 elementary and secondary school students. Our District covers urban, suburban and rural communities. 

Vanier Children's Services The Early Years Team provides comprehensive assessment and intervention to high-risk, high-needs children from birth to 6 and their families.  Parents and caregivers may be struggling with challenges in their own lives that are affecting their relationship /attachment with their young child. These children may show early signs of attachment /relationship problems, oppositional behaviour and aggression or conduct problems.

B.E.T. (Behaviour, Emotions, Thoughts) is a 12-week group program for 12-18 year old youth with concurrent disorders (e.g., ADHD, anxiety, mood disorders and problematic substance use/abuse.

Residential Treatment Beds - the 11-bed resource provides crisis/stabilization, assessment and transitional support to long-term placements.  The children, who are in the care of a Children's Aid Society, are between the ages of 7-14 years; are experiencing acute distress relating to longstanding attachment disorders; and have evidence of at least one of the following: conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorder or depressive disorder.  The program components include: short-term residential (up to 6 months), multi-disciplinary assessment, family therapy, group and individual therapy, transitional support and day treatment.

Community Mental Health Services (CMHS) provides group, focused family therapy, and intensive family services in homes and schools for children and families living in London and Middlesex county. Services are designed to be goal focused, time limited and as non-intrusive as possible, assisting families to set achievable goals for change. Focus will also be on connecting families to other community resources and services.  The overall goal is to empower families to reach their goals as quickly as possible.

WAYS Western Area Youth Services Inc. is an accredited children’s mental health centre that supports children, youth and their families throughout Southwestern Ontario.

Group Care programs support youth who need help to make long-term and lasting changes in their lives or in themselves.  Most of the youth entering our programs are experiencing difficulties and conflict with their families. Many are involved with a Children’s Aid Society.  The length of residency varies according to each person's commitment to continue planning and attaining goals. Youth must be willing to live cooperatively with other residents and to follow the basic program expectations.  Most residents stay from 3 to 12 months. WAYS staff help each youth to prepare and plan for a suitable living situation after they leave the program.

Foster Care - WAYS supports partnering Children’s Aid Societies by facilitating foster care placements with families in a number of cities and rural areas across Southwestern Ontario.

Our programs include crisis support, youth groups and support, aftercare, respite care, youth and adult justice programs, foster care and more.