The Biggest “No”s to Avoid When Designing a New Website 




Designing websites have become easier more than ever thanks to free tools readily available online. However, does your company have a properly designed website? Even if you are using a pre-made theme, it’s easy to make small design mistakes that can seriously compromise your site’s ability to attract traffic. Here is a list of such common mistakes that all site owners should avoid:    

Lack of Mobile Responsiveness

A website that is not mobile responsive today might as well be invisible to users as well as search engines. Mobile search surpassed desktop searches about three years ago. Since then, Google has prioritized ranking based on mobile search phrases. You should choose services of Custom Website Design Company to make it happen.

In addition, more and more users are accessing websites or trying Web Page Design Services. Consumers are not more inclined to perform pre-purchase research using a smartphone. Therefore, if your website is not mobile responsive, it simply will struggle to attract traffic and drive conversions on the long run. Hire a good Best Web Development Company to design a website that is highly mobile responsive and meets modern standards.

Not Optimising the Website for Typo Searches

It goes without saying that people don’t really bother to spell correctly when performing online searches. Websites should take this into account during the design and optimisation process. Don’t create your website and not optimise it for search phrases that are commonly misspelled. The query list for on-site search must contain typo search phrases as well. This is particularly important if the site’s target audience is elderly and Web Design And Marketing Company paying special attention on this matter.

Choosing an Unconventional Web Design

Unconventional designs may attract attention among other designers, but not the target audience for the website. A conventional web design from Custom Web Design Agency prioritizes user experience. A non-conventional design may look nice, but it may hinder the usability of the website. A website can be made visually appealing without changing the standard layout.

Use better pictures and eye-catching headlines to drive traffic, instead of using a non-standard layout. Prioritize minimalist design because your site must be mobile responsive as well. In general, aim to design an easy to use website rather than a visually appealing website to retain users.

Not Highlighting Clicked Links

This is such a simple change that can make your website far more effective. Think of sites like Google that, when you click on a link, changes colour from blue to purple to indicate the link has been visited before by the user. Do the same for your website through Best Web Development Agency and make it convenient for the target audience. Making this addition is simple, therefore don’t forgo it.

Inserting Paragraphs of Text

Walls of text make your website look unappealing and boring. No one stops and reads paragraphs of text when just browsing website. Given that a sizeable portion of web users are using handheld devices, reading long paragraphs can be functionally difficult. Therefore, present information in short sentences and phrases.