There will be homework assigned daily. The homework is due the following day, no exceptions. No late homework will receive credit. However, you are encouraged to turn in late homework so it can be reviewed for accuracy.

Please look at the “Helpful Tools” page and follow the escalation of assistance when you need help with homework.

Throughout the year there will be 2 class projects that you will be working on. One will be a group project and the other an individual project.

  1. Project 1 – You will be working with classmates to develop a plan to rectify one of the biggest problems affecting your community. In this plan you will develop an area of coverage to be affected by your plan and use your mathematical skills to address the problem at hand.
  2. Project 2 – You will be working on your own to develop a business plan of your choice for one product or one service. You will use your mathematical skills to dream big and develop this plan.

More information on these projects will be forthcoming.