Math Layer

Welcome 11th Graders!

Hello students,

My name is Sylvia Bryant but you can call me Mrs. Bryant. For the remainder of your eleventh grade year we will be mathematical enthusiasts. It is my goal to show you how to use math in real life, outside of schools and exams. We will be working together to build your problem solving skills and application of those skills. We will also be using your extensive knowledge of technology to help build those skills. Listed on the about me page is my email address and personal contact number. If you have any questions while doing your homework, do not hesitate to contact me for assistance after having exhausted all possible resources. We will also create a buddy system in which phone numbers and email addresses are exchanged with fellow classmates so that you can help each other with homework.


If there is anything in this syllabus that is unclear, ask for clarification. 

Math Layer Overview

On this page you will find a brief overview of the course topics that will be covered this year. You will also find what skills you will be  learning through those topics and the required materials. On the "About Me" page, you will find information about me along with contact information and guidelines for contact. On the "Conduct" page, you will find the rules and expectations outlined for you. Along with that, you will find the consequences for rule violations. Read through that page very carefully, as you will be held accountable for your compliance, or lack there of, with the rules and expectations. On the "Grading & HW" page, you will find the outline of how this course will be graded and a description of what homework will be like this year and the guidelines you need to need to follow. On the "Helpful Tools" page, you will find the guidelines for the escalation of assistance and different resources to be used when you are studying or in need of clarification.


Course Overview

Over the duration of this course we will be covering the following topics:

1. Ratios and Proportional Relationships

2. The Number System

3. Expressions and Equations

4. Geometry

5. Statistics and Probability

With those topics you will be learning:

1. Problem solving techniques

2. Identifying problems

3. Identifying how to solve problems

4. Applying problem solving skills to real life scenarios


Required Materials

- Course textbook (provided)

- Calculator (provided)

- Pencil and eraser

- 2-inch binder

- Loose-leaf paper

- Protractor (provided)

- Compass (provided)