Mrs. Bourbon's Zoo-quest

Mrs. Bourbon's Zoo


Haugan School is getting ready to open a new zoo!  The zookeeper needs your help picking the animals and finding information on how to care for the animals.


First, choose an animal from your assigned category to research (make sure to answer all the questions below).  Write a paragraph about the animal using the information you found.  Next, make a diorama of your animal in it's habitat (this part should be done at home).  Finally, combine your diorama and paragraph.  You will then present your project to the class.  Have fun!


For reptiles, birds, amphibians, or mammals

 For fish

For all animals


*   Using on of the links above, select one animal for our zoo.

*    Answer the following questions about your animal:

      1.  What does the animal eat?

      2.  Describe the animal's habitat.

      3.  How do the animal's adaptations help it to survive in it's habitat?

      4.  How does the animal protect itself?

      5.  Find the common and scientific name of the animal.

      6.  Find descriptive details or pictures of the animal.

*    From the descriptive details you find, make a diorama (at home) of your

      animal in it's habitat.

*   Using your research, write a ten sentence paragraph using Microsoft Word.

*     Combine your diorama and paragraph.

*     Present you information to the class.


You will be evaluated on the following:

** Are all the questions from above answered in your paragraph?

** The neatness and creativity of your animal diorarma.

** Did you use proper grammar and spelling in your paragraph?

** quality of class presentation (did you share your animal's common name, diet, habitat, and adaptations with the class)


Congratulations!  You have made our zoo a wonderful and exciting place.  Make sure to visit all the animals in the Haugan Zoo in the upcoming weeks!