BC Calculus handouts/notes

Semester 1 handouts

Class Syllabus        Calc justifications

Limits assignment sheet

              1.2 blank notes           1.2 HW              1.3 Blank notes           1.4 blank notes            IVT Handout     

               Limit Activity             A4 AP limit HW         1.5/3.5 blank notes     1.5/3.5 HW

             AP Practice problems for Limits

Basic Derivatives assignment sheet

             2.1 Blank notes                     2.2 Blank notes              2.3 Blank notes          Practice differentiation HW

              2.4  Blank notes                Harry Potter Chain rule             PVA Notes                PVA HW Handout

             BDT review                                             BDT review Key

Advanced Derivative assignment sheet  

             2.5 blank notes (2 days)                      Double trouble handout

             5.1 blank notes                                           5.4 blank notes                           5.3/5.6 blank notes 

            Inverse HW worksheet           2.6 related rates blank notes              RRates HW       Harry Potter RR

             Parametrics notes             ADT Review                      ADT review key

Applications of derivatives assignments

             3.1 notes                  3.2 notes          3.1/3.2 practice HW        3.3 notes       3.4 notes      3.3/3.4 practice

             HW 2nd deriv practice     3.6 notes         8.7 Lhopital notes      3.7 notes      extra optimization        

             HW Apps circuit #2          this is an older key for the review(not all problems same)