Getting to know the World's Best Kept Secret: Author/Illustrator Jan Brett


For this author study I chose Jan Brett. I had a couple reasons for choosing her. First, I am a fan of her work. I like the way she does her illustrations and her writing style. She writes stories that are interesting and keep children wondering what will happen next. Her drawings are always so detailed. She has the main illustrations on the page, and then she has side pictures that tell what other characters in the story are doing. I also chose Jan because not many people are familiar with her. Everyone knows who Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle are, but Jan Brett has not had that publicity. She cares about her readers and has many activities on her website for children to do.

                For my unit I plan on using second grade standards. I will base my lessons and activities around that age group. Some of the books are above that grade level, but by reading them together as a group the children should have no problem understanding the stories.  My time frame for this project will be five weeks. This time frame allows me to read two books a week. This will give us plenty of time to go over the books and do the activities. If we need to, we can extend the project if we need to spend more time on a book.