3rd Grade


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Desert Tortoise
I am a desert tortoise
I can burrow into the ground
 I hide in my shell
I  can live in the hot desert
 I am a Desert Tortoise!
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Desert Tortoises
I like them.
Ask me why.
Because they black and tan
Because they  are herbivores
Because they  live in the desert
Because they they can only live on land,
Because they release a horrible liquid when they are scared
Because they can burrow into the ground to stay nice and cool
Because they have small round heads
Because they are an endanged species
Because. That's why
I like Desert Tortoises

Use the following links to research your animal.

Yahoo Animals                                                                     National Geographic for Kids

 Wikipedia                                                                             Kidsbiology.com

World Book On-line                                           Kids.com 

(Username: edison1  Password: room20)

Animals of the Rainforest                                                  Blue Planet Biomes


Remember to answer the following questions:


  1. What is the animals habitat?
  2. What is the diet of the animal?
  3. What does the animal look like? (color, size, fins, tails and weight)


Wink  Have a great day! 

Mrs.  Castor