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5th Grade

Use the on-line templates to create a Holiday Poem.

You may write about Father's Day or the Fourth of July

Click here to create the poem.


Fourth of July
birght red, white and blue fireworks
Homemade apple pie
Big bangs of fireworks and snaps of firecrackers
Yummy BBQ chicken, burgers and hot dogs
Waving the flag
Fourth of July

Click here to create a Dear Dad poem.

Dear Dad,

I would like to tell you

That you are the best dad

You tell me

wash your hands before you eat

You tell me

go to bed early.

You tell me

school is important.

I would like to tell you

that you make me feel special each and everyday.

So during our next encounter

I will make you breakfast in bed.

You are the best!

I am lucky that you are my dad.

Happy Father's Day to you.

I hope you enjoy the day!