English 2

English 2 Weekly Schedule and Assignments!

What's going on this week...cool


  • Welcome!
  • distribute books
  • letter to parents, getting to know classroom rules and procuedures
  • Fill out personal information
  • Introduction to Unit I
    • The Name Game Activity


  • finish The Name Game activity
  • Introductory notes on Unit I- Self- Actualization


  • "Lay it on the Line" activity
  • review notes on Self- Actualization
  • begin reading "Civil Peace" (literature book) and answering questions


  • Response Paper #1 assigned- DUE TOMORROW!!!!!
  • go over Response Paper format and rubric
  • finish reading "Civil Peace" (if needed)
  • discuss and review reading
  • notes on diction,dialect, voice,  tone


  • Response Paper #1 due
  • notes on diction, etc.
  • diction activity