Homework Policy

When homework will be assigned:

Students will receive a "Week At A Glance" every Monday.  Each day's homework assignments will be listed on this sheet.  (Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday.)  Please remember that homework is extremely important and needs to be completed every night. Please do not do your child's homework for him/her. Give the necessary amount of help as needed, but have your child do what he/she can.


Reading Folder:

Each student will have a Reading Folder.  Please help your child study the appropriate set of letters/sounds, or sight words each night.  When your child is ready to be tested on a set, please initial by it and send the Reading Folder back to school.  As each set is mastered, a new set will be sent home.


Home Projects:

Students may also receive periodic homework projects.  I will communicate well in advance any directions and expectations so that you may assist your child with these projects.