Weekly Words

The students did not have words this past week.  We are assessing again to see if the students are ready to be moved into a different group.  I will try to get this done on Monday and let them know what group they will be in.  If we finish early in the week a list of current words will be sent home and we will test at the end or even on Monday.  

Please remember to visit www.spellingcity.com  Locate the parent tab, on the left side find the yellow "sign me up" tab.  Complete the required information.  After you have verified your membership (FREE one is good), log in.  Then find the find a list tab and select it. In the space provided enter my name, Scheuerman and select search.  Scroll down to find my name and school listed and select it.  Once you have done that you are almost ready to go.  Your child will know which group they are have be assigned to and can select it.  If they would also like to do the activities for the other group let them do it.  It will only help them with their spelling.  Soon the students will begin to take their tests on the computer during the day.  They really seem to have fun on this site.  If you have any issues with this site let me know.