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AP Statistics Syllabus                                                           Mr. Michael Schlomer
Office Hours:                        7:30 – 7:50 AM  and  2:30 – 3:15 PM

Contact Information:           schlomer.m@elderhs.org
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The Practice of Statistics, 4th ed., Yates, Moore & Starnes  © 2012       

The AP Statistics course is designed to lead students through the four general conceptual themes of (1) exploring data, (2) collecting data through sampling and experimentation, (3) understanding

Probability and anticipating patterns and (4) culminating in proper statistical inference. The course makes use of technology: graphing calculators (TI N-spire) and laptop computers using Minitab software. The text is supplemented with tutorials developed by the instructor that help students to understand the development of formulas and concepts throughout the course. Additional instruction is provided by videos.

Homework:  10 points each time graded, totaling 100 points per quarter.  Students are expected to complete all homework assignments.  Homework is graded on effort.  You must try each and every problem to receive full credit.  If absent the day it is graded, you must show it to me before the next class.  If absent the day it is assigned, get the assignment from the online site.  Late homework will be accepted BEFORE the next class for a maximum of 5 points.

Complete = 10 pts.
Late = 5 pts.
Incomplete = 0 pts.

Tests :  There will be 3 major tests per quarter.  Each test is worth 100 points.  Tests will be announced to afford you ample preparation time.

Quizzes:  Usually worth 20 points each.  There will be approximately 5 quizzes per quarter.  Some will be announced, some will be “pop” quizzes, and some will be partner quizzes.  Be prepared and keep up with the work.

Partner/Group Project:  points will vary

To calculate the quarter grade, I will add all points earned and divide it by all points possible.

If the need arises, class may be held on a Saturday.  Ample prior notice will be given.