Rules and Procedures

Classroom Rules, Expectations, and Rewards

These are the behavior expectations that I have for all students inside and out of the classroom.  Students are to be safe, responsible, respectful, and kind at all times.  Our class pledge is “WE PROMISE TO FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE.  WE WILL TREAT OTHERS THE WAY WE WANT TO BE TREATED.”  When these expectations are not followed, students will conform to the discipline layers outlined:

1.       Verbal reminder

2.     “Think About It" paper reminder

3.     Ticket(s) payment

4.     Outside of room timeout or alternate workspace in classroom or in another room placement.  The student and I will also call home.

5.     Referral in which the student will speak to our vice principal, Mrs. Brenda Jones.  The student will be served with an in-house suspension depending on the severity.  The referral will then be documented in the student’s record.

Note: It will be at the discretion of the teacher to skip all layers and issue a “student referral” depending on the incident.



               1.     Verbal Praise/Front of the Line

              2.     Prizes

              3.     Awards

              4.     Letters home

              5.    Tickets for classroom store