Isaac Newton Webquest

Using the links below, answer the questions about Isaac Newton and the Laws of Motion.  Write the questions and answers on a clean sheet of paper.

Link 1: 

1.  Look at a picture of Isaac Newton. In two or three sentences, describe what he looked like.

2. When did he live?

3.  What country is he from?

4. What were two things that happened to Isaac Newton during his childhood?

5. What does Newton's first law say?

6. What is another name for the first law of motion?

7.  What real-life example is described that demonstrates the first law of motion?

Link 4:

8. Write Newton's second law using words. 
9. Why does a moving train have so much force? 

10. Why does a speeding bullet have so much force?

11. What is Newton's third law of motion? 

12. What is a real-life example of this law?

Link 6:

13. What is force? 
14. What are three examples of force moving something? 
15. What is friction? 

16. What are three examples of friction?